Academy v4.0 NULLED – Learning Management System (LMS)

Download Academy v4.0 NULLED


Academy v4.0 NULLED – Learning Management System (LMS)

Download Academy NULLED v4.0 – ACADEMY is a market script for online learning. Here, students and teachers are brought together for information sharing through a structured lecture-based system. Teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of lessons, video lessons, and documents based on their expertise, and students can enroll in these lessons and become skilled at any time and from anywhere.

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Quick start guide for course instructor / manager

  • Read all our documents carefully before using the software
  • Install the application by carefully following the “Installation and Update” guide
  • Log in as a site administrator to organize your system
  • First, update your System Settings and Payment Settings from the Settings option of the left sidebar menu. Also, make sure you provide a valid YouTube API key and a valid Vimeo API key in System Settings.
  • If you have successfully updated the settings, you can go to the Categories option and create Categories from the same left sidebar menu.
  • After creating a category, you can create Sub-categories under a specific Category. To create subcategories, you can go to the Categories page, select a specific category, click the Action drop-down menu and select Manage subcategories. Takes you to the Sub-categories page. Now you can click the “+ Add Subcategory” button and fill all the required fields to create a Subcategory.
  • Now it’s time to create some Courses. Since a course will contain all video lessons, you need to create it carefully. Go to the Courses option from the menu on the left, after clicking the “Add Course” button, you will receive an “Add Course Form”. Fill all fields carefully.
  • Each Course must have at least one Division. Because you will eventually need to add a lesson to a particular part of a particular course. Now you will need to create at least one section. Go to the Courses page, choose a specific course, click the action drop-down menu and select Manage Department. After clicking Manage Episode, you will get the list of Chapters that are now empty. You must create one by clicking the “+ Add Section” button
  • Now that you have created a Course and a section or multiple sections, you will now be able to create a course. Now let’s go back to the Course page, select a specific course, click the Action drop down button, select Manage Lesson. It also shows the list of courses you have created. Just click on the “+ Add Course” button to add a new.


How to Download?

Download “Academy NULLED ” now from the download button given below.

Academy Lms Student Android App 1.0

Academy LMS Offline Payment Addon 1.2.4

Academy LMS Live Streaming Class Addon 1.2.4

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