Advanced iFrame Pro v2020.8 – iFrame WordPress Plugin


Advanced iFrame Pro v2020.8 – iFrame WordPress Plugin

Advanced iFrame Pro v2020.8 –  Advanced iFrame Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to insert content in an iframe any way you want, hide and change items, and send parameters. You can also embed content directly or show the iframe section.


Resizing the iframe based on content height or width
If you can use the same domain or external workaround, you can resize the iframe to the height of the iframe. In addition, dynamic size changes in the iframe are detected, and even the auto height of hidden elements is supported.

Show only certain areas of the iframe
Even if you are NOT in the same domain and DO NOT CHANGE the external page, you can show part of the remote iframe. With the built-in area selector, you can select the area you want to show with your mouse. You can also hide certain areas of the other page. Zoom is also supported for perfect integration!

Zooming in iframe content
You can zoom the content of an iframe with a flat rate and also with automatic zoom, which calculates the factor based on browser size. This may be the only solution for mobile devices, especially on unresponsive pages.

Change CSS styles
You can change the parent frame css dynamically and even iframe page depending on your setup. So you can hide items such as headers and footers, or overwrite static dimensions to make a page more responsive.

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Lazy load
Lazy loading is an excellent feature to increase the loading time of your page. So your homepage is loaded first and then the iframe is loaded. You can also load the iframe only when it is visible, or you can load the iframe at the click of a button.

Loading indicator
Loading the inner frames usually takes additional time. So you can show your users an upload icon until the iframe is fully loaded.

Responsive iframes / videos
Advanced iframe pro has several options to make your iframes responsive. Videos are also supported. Please see this blog entry for details.

Scanner detection
Many websites look different on different devices. With the included scanner detection, you can show different iframes or different parts of the iframe depending on the device detected.

Change link destinations and URLs and show iframes as layers with headers / footers
You can dynamically change the link targets of the parent frame and even from the iframe page, depending on your setup. Links can now be changed even in iframe! This also allows links to be opened directly in an extra layer in an iframe. So even if users choose external links, they won’t leave your web page! A header / footer specific to the layer can also be included.

Scroll on iPad and iPhone
By default, not all IOS versions support scrolling in an iframe. Since the IOS workaround does not work on other systems, an IOS workaround combined with browser detection is done in the plugin!

Advanced URL parameter handling
Many options are supported to parse the parameters. You can pass parameters from the parent and you have many placeholders, such as the current WordPress username. You can add the iframe url as a parameter to the parent url so that you can bookmark the current current page.


How to Download?

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