ATUM Multi-Inventory v1.3.5 – multi-inventory for WooCommerce


ATUM Multi-Inventory v1.3.5 – multi-inventory for WooCommerce

ATUM Multi-Inventory v1.3.5 – ATUM’s ‘Multiple Inventory’ premium plugin takes WooCommerce inventory control to a whole new level. Create as many stocks as you want per product!

The most popular WordPress e-commerce solution,

WooCommerce did not include an option to sell from different warehouses or use several suppliers. Until now, shopkeepers had the option to either find a 3rd party solution or create one specifically for their site. Both solutions are ideal unless the shop has an important budget to cover the cost.

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ATUM’s Multiple Inventory premium plugin tries to fix the above issues and brings advanced features for a fraction of the cost taken by the 3rd party service.

As a store owner, you now have the option to add as many inventory records to your product as your business needs. Better still, the system is trying to push regulatory limits far beyond the normal standard. Scroll down to learn about all available and upcoming features, or even try the free demo.


How to Download?

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