ATUM Product Levels v1.4.5 – WooCommerce Product Specification


ATUM Product Levels v1.4.5 – WooCommerce Product Specification

ATUM Product Levels v1.4.5 – Product Levels, one of the basic add-ons for any contractor or manufacturer. If a Bill of Materials or product structure (BOM) is required to track your production inventory, Product Levels are missing. Create a complete list of raw materials or product parts and synchronize the amount of each required to produce or complete an end product.
Product Levels

The bill of materials (also known as Bill of Materials or bill of materials) is an extensive list of items, product parts, raw materials, assemblies and other components that are required to create a product. Even the guidance or routing required for preparation is understood as part of the Bill of Materials.

We interpret the bill of materials as the final product creation recipe. To start a production process, no matter how long each entrepreneur should start trading by building a bill of materials (BOM).

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The current version of Product Levels offers the first two levels of the BOM. ATUM inventory management for WooCommerce allows you to adjust the company’s Raw Material and Product Parts. Retailers, distributors, wholesalers, standard manufacturers or other businesses that need full control over their growth will find this premium plugin indispensable

. Our experienced developer and designer team brings new features monthly. Many other components of the production process will still come. Read the full list of functions currently included below.


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