Demo Builder for any WordPress Product v1.7.0


Demo Builder for any WordPress Product v1.7.0

Demo Builder for any WordPress Product v1.7.0 –  The MotoPress Demo Builder plugin will help you offer the core benefits of your products through custom front-end demos and offer personal back-end trial accounts to the potential customer.

There is no better way to gain the trust of your potential customers than to give you the chance to test your WordPress products first hand. The MotoPress Demo plugin allows you to do it either way: front end and back end. Easily create memorable demos to impress visitors and access the product backend to give users the freedom to customize test drive.

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With this add-on, you not only increase the chance to create a stunning presentation of your products and naturally perform better for your competitors, but also improve your marketing opportunities thanks to built-in tools like MailChimp and the Responsive toolbar (refer to other brand products).

Key Builder Key Features:

    You create the demo version of any WordPress product only once, your potential customers are free to discover all the other benefits themselves. Your management tools are unlimited.
    Front-end and back-end access to WordPress products. Ability to test the plugin as on their website (backend access is defined by a plugin manager). Make sure all backend updates are recorded for the life of a demo website.
    Powerful and Special Features:
    Set up any trial period you think is enough to properly test your WordPress products.
    MP Demo manager has full control over the trial period applied to all demo websites. Setting the demo life is done in a few clicks and can be changed at any time. After the user’s demo website (sandbox) has expired, it is automatically cleared so that you don’t keep the old demo data.
    Demo data is cleared automatically after the account expires.
    When a demo website needs to be cleaned, it depends on a preset demo life. This will lead to another misunderstanding about data loss, first of all, as you will get rid of all unused demo data in a timely manner and secondly, all demo users are aware of how long they can use their accounts.
    Independent demo user accounts are guaranteed.
    Every user can try the demo version of your WordPress products without worrying about their updates being affected by other users. All user changes remain as they are until the trial period ends.
    You define which Dashboard pages a user can access and change.
    Allow users to access only the necessary options in their sandbox (user demo websites). For example, you can block access to all posts or only certain posts. Access to certain pages of demo accounts can also be restricted by any network administrator.
  • And much more…….

How to Download?

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