Facebook Reviews v1.2.1 – WordPress plugin Facebook Reviews


Facebook Reviews v1.2.1 – WordPress plugin Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews v1.2.1 – With the help of Elfsight Facebook Reviews, you can integrate reviews from your Facebook page into your website to increase trust in your brand among visitors. Reviews can be filtered and you can also show information about their authors with photos, ratings and other details. Customization options include four layout variants, three review templates, a flexible title, and more.

If this plugin is your choice

  • You want to show what customers are saying about your business on Facebook
  • You want to prove your credibility by showing real reviews
  • You want to attract new sales by boasting of your excellent score and approval
  • You are looking for a reliable solution to save time and money

What you get with our plugin

Place Facebook reviews on your web page
With Elfsight Facebook Reviews, all you need to integrate your Facebook reviews into the website is to be authorized as an administrator on Facebook. The Elfsight widget will automatically receive comments and post them on your website. The automatic update functionality helps to show every new review as soon as it appears on Facebook.

Three filters for sorting content
There are three useful filters to help you show the best reviews. Show all reviews or choose only positive; You can sort reviews that contain keywords using the Exclude filter; Limit the number of reviews viewed with the quantity filter.

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Add confidence-building review items
The Elfsight widget will not only show the text of the recommendation, but also the author’s name and image, review date, Facebook suggestion icons, and a star rating. These items can be changed and turned off to create a clean review gallery.

Ratings and numbers
The widget title shows the star and number ratings of your Facebook page and the number of people who have recommended it. Pictures of recent reviewers are clickable and redirected to your Facebook page where a user can leave their own reviews.

One button to request review
A review request button with a call to action redirects a user to your Facebook page to leave a new review, or opens a message window to show your private text or email address where users can contact you. This way, you can collect more comments or get information from users.

Three review templates
Our widget offers three review templates: the classic template to save the original Facebook review view, the Bubble to place the Author details below the review text, and the Spotlight to place all elements in the middle and highlight the text.

Four predefined layouts
There are four balanced layouts. The list will show the reviews one by one; Grid will shape an inspection grid; The slider will create an inspection tape; and Masonry will place inspections in the most appropriate position relative to the available vertical space. With the slider layout, you can also adjust the arrows or drag the navigation, choose the scroll speed and the paging type. And in each layout, you can set the number of reviews per page.

Adjustable size of the widget
Self-align any height and width of the widget in pixels or percentages. It makes it really easy to experiment with different sizes and find the perfect one. And regardless of size, your Facebook Comments widget will look great on any device thanks to mobile optimization.

Text font sizes
You can choose the font size yourself. This option is available for widget title and review text so you can select them separately. You can also choose the weight option for the widget header text: normal or bold.



How to Download?

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