Interlinks Manager v1.25 – interlinking for WordPress


Interlinks Manager v1.25 – interlinking for WordPress

Interlinks Manager v1.25 – One of the most important SEO strategies is to create a smart and effective internal linking structure that includes an optimized number of internal links for each post, but also relevant to search engines and natural to readers.

The Interlinks Manager plugin provides a number of tools that help you improve this structure so you can increase your website visits, sell more products, or convert more users.

Analyze links
In the Dashboard menu, with regular expressions applied to your posts and tracking users’ clicks, this plugin can retrieve information such as the number of manual internal links, the number of automatic internal links, the number of visits generated with your site. internal links, optimization status and more.

With this information at hand, it will be easy for you to add or remove internal links as needed and always have an optimized number of internal links in each post.

Calculate the connecting water
The Juice menu gives you information about the flow of link juice in your website’s URLs and provides a detailed list of all the single links for each URL that contributed to the creation of the overall link juice.

Get interconnection suggestions
The Interlinks Suggestions meta box is a tool that helps you find articles related to the post being edited. By taking advantage of this algorithm, you can save the time you would normally spend manually searching for new suitable internal connections.

The algorithm takes into account several factors and can prioritize certain posts when their headers include a word that is also in the post being edited, or to prioritize, include or exclude posts from particular categories, tags, or custom posts. types.

The exact behavior of the algorithm used to retrieve recommendations can be changed through the plugin options so you can increase its sensitivity and make it perfect for your particular situation.

Worry-free automatic connections
Common concerns with automatically generated links are that you don’t want to:

  • Accidentally generate too many automatic internal links
  • Create problems with your website SEO
  • Disturb your visitors

That’s why I added options that let you control the implementation of your automatic internal links:

  • Custom keyword or phrase limits to prevent accidental execution of your automatic links
  • Selection of post types for which automatic links should be applied
  • Maximum number of conversions for a single keyword in a single post
  • Maximum number of conversions for all keywords in a single post
  • Case sensitive or insensitive matching (selectable for each keyword)
  • Open the link in a new browser tab (selectable for each keyword)
  • Rel = “nofollow” application (can be selected for each keyword)

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  • The priority of switching keywords (this ensures that the most important keywords will always be converted when the maximum defined number of conversions of keywords will prevent this from happening, this option is also useful for determining which keywords / phrases need to be converted first e.g. a post, needs to be converted contains a phrase, but this phrase also includes keywords that need to be converted)
  • A customizable list of protected tags useful to prevent keywords from being accidentally changed within certain tags
  • A test mode that allows you to create automatic links and actually get statistics from the app when the blog is read by regular visitors and search engines, so you can enable public automatic links only when you are satisfied with the custom result.

How to Download?

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