Junction v1.0.3 – control WordPress external links


Junction v1.0.3 – control WordPress external links

Junction v1.0.3 – If you are extremely concerned about SEO and Security, keeping an eye on links is important. If no care is taken, your site ranking will be shared equally with all external links on your site. Plugin Junction takes care of all external links on your site. It works fast and smooth like ninja.

Links to cross-origin destinations are unsafe

When you open another page using Target = ”_ blank”, the other page may work in the same process as your page unless Site Isolation is enabled. If the other page is running too much JavaScript, your page’s performance may also be degraded. The Junction plugin allows all outbound links on your site to be opened in a new tab and run in a separate process. You don’t need to manually type target = ”_ blank” and rel = ”noopener”.

The other page can access your window object with the window.opener property. This exposes an attack surface because the other page could potentially redirect your page to a malicious URL. Seriously. You put external links on another site and when your users click it, they will be redirected to dark places.

The best SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power.
Search engine ranking factor survey data showed that getting external links is the single most important goal to achieve high rankings. This stems from the notion that external links are one of the most difficult metrics to manipulate, and therefore one of the best ways for search engines to determine the popularity of a particular web page.

There are two types of outbound links: nofollow and dofollow. This is usually defined simply by putting rel = “nofollow” in the link’s HTML.
rel = “nofollow” tells search engines not to follow links and not associate your site with the linked page.
rel = “dofollow” links transfer the ranking power from your website to the targeted page. Pay attention to this feature, it is better to set this parameter manually for each connection individually.

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The Junction plugin allows checking nofollow / dofollow on external links. You are working with connections as before. In your favorite editor: Elementor, Gutenberg or anything else. Set the connection parameters according to your plan. And Junction will make sure you don’t miss anything and be insured with safety. It only intervenes when it finds a potential problem. Whether it’s human error or a problem with a third-party plugin.
All external links are under control.



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