LiveCanvas v1.6.0: WordPress Bootstrap 4 Page Builder


LiveCanvas v1.6.0: WordPress Bootstrap 4 Page Builder

LiveCanvas v1.6.0 – Build Better Web Pages. An excellent live HTML editor focused on speed and code quality.

Designed for performance
Packaged as a very small (<150kb gzipped) WordPress plugin, LiveCanvas allows you to create amazing web pages that convey your message effectively while maintaining low weight. No extra CSS or JS bloat was added. Just pure Bootstrap4.

It makes you really responsive
Fulfilling the responsive promise means that you can effectively deliver your message to your target audience through any device. LiveCanvas allows you to easily visually check what happens at each breakpoint as you work on your project. Instead of fixing countless bugs later, build things from the beginning.

Use standard blocks or create your own
LiveCanvas helps you create beautiful web pages by visually combining HTML snippets we call “blocks.” It allows you to start using ready-made blocks or creating your custom blocks right away. Your creativity has no limits!

  • An amazing tool for web professionals.
    A page builder that frees your creative spirit, an HTML editor.
    If you love WordPress and Bootstrap 4, this is for you.
  • Light Footprint
    It’s a complete turnkey solution for web page creation, yet light as a feather. Zero additional plugins required.
  • High performance
    Build sites on a solid, minimalist foundation:
    WordPress and UnderStrap Theme. LiveCanvas plugin doesn’t add extra JS or CSS!
  • Get rid of clamps!
    Most WordPress themes or page builders strictly force you to follow their logic. You are here to enjoy a higher level of freedom. Coders are invited!
  • 100% Front-end based
    Click on the texts and images to edit. Finding out which hidden option panel has changed this tag will feel a lot better than dealing with the backend.
  • Security first: editing history
    LiveCanvas makes good use of the standard WordPress revision processes: you can always come back in case you mess your business.

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  • Add your own Shortcodes
    Integrate your favorite, well-known shortcodes and widgets into your custom designed pages.
  • Visual Structure and Scaffolding
    It provides an easy workflow to prototype and perfect great mobile ready web pages.
  • Refine and edit HTML
    “Steal” any HTML and CSS code samples you can find on the web and try them out in LiveCanvas. You have no set limits.
  • Build your own blocks
    Create your own native library of custom HTML snippets to reuse in your projects.
  • create your footer in wordpress
    Create Your Header and Footer
    If you want, you can design your footer inside LiveCanvas and get rid of traditional WordPress widgets.
  • create your footer in wordpress
    Great Animations
    Try any HTML and CSS code samples you can find on the web and try them out in LiveCanvas. You have no set limits.
  • UnSplash Photo Stock
    Unlimited free source of high quality images at your fingertips. All a great source of inspiration inside LiveCanvas

How to Download?

Download “LiveCanvas ” now from the download button given below.

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