Mapplic v6.1.1 – WordPress interactive maps plugin


Mapplic v6.1.1 – WordPress interactive maps plugin

Mapplic v6.1.1 – Mapplic is a plugin for creating interactive maps for WordPress. These could be district maps, mall maps, or an apartment plan. With the ability to select regions and show detailed information. It supports both raster and vector file formats.

Main Features:
  • Unlimited bookmarks: locations with unique pins and various actions
  • Unlimited floors: multiple floors supported without any limitation
  • Deep linking: each location can be referenced with its own URL
  • Responsive design: provides optimum experience on a wide variety of devices
  • Touch optimized: Touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones are also supported
  • Admin interface: user-friendly backend
  • Well documented: a detailed user manual is included
The Ultimate Versatile Solution

Sometimes a tile-based web mapping service like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap just won’t cut, and this is where Mapplic comes in. You can upload any of your own maps or vector artwork, or choose from our extensive built-in directory and turn them into a dynamic, interactive experience. These are just a few of the situations where this flexible, responsive mapping software is the perfect solution:

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  • Building flooplans: shopping malls, hospitals, schools, airports, public buildings
  • Illustrated maps: ski maps, isometric maps or any kind of illustrations
  • Temporary maps: camps, festivals, or anything that isn’t a permanent site
  • Maps for ships moving like cruise ships
  • Historical maps: recreate historical sights, sites or buildings
  • Fantasy maps: RPG and other video game maps or fictional realms
  • The only limit is your own imagination!

How to Download?

Download “ Mapplic ” now from the download button given below.

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