Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress | LUMISE.COM v1.9.3


Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress | LUMISE.COM v1.9.3

Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress | LUMISE.COM v1.9.3 –  is a professional product design tool created by HTML5 + JavaScript technologies. In Envato, King-Theme is an Elite Writer product. Lumise is all-in-one designed to focus on the user experience and provide a groundbreaking solution for your print services store. In addition, it has many powerful custom features and top-level interfaces to help your users design any ideas.

Lumise Product Designer – Key Features!

  • High UI / UX
    Lumise works as a user-friendly application. We are the theme provider before, so we know what is best for customers. Let’s swing with Lumise!
  • Pre-Built Design Templates
    Create awesome design templates to fit any type of product, set price for it and use users with one click.
  • Unlimited Photos
    Are you worried about photo sources? Let’s do this for you, you can do other things you love. There are more than 2 reosource clipart available to your customers: Pixabay and Openclipart with more than 120 thousand + items. Incredible stocks!
  • Export / import designs
    Your customers can export the design and import it from another device to continue working or paying. You can export the design to create a new template or even save it to personal data.
  • Multilingual
    Lumise support language change. All languages ​​have been checked and automatically translated from the admin panel and you can put your translation text here.
  • Mobile and tablet supported
    Lumise can run on mobile and tablet devices as a true local application popular with customers. Your website can take the order from any device
  • Ready to print design after payment is finished
    Lumise support supports multiple output for printing like PDF, SVG, JSON, PNG. All of them are processed with high quality and compatibility with all printing devices.
  • Social media
    Your client can already import images from social accounts. We support Facebook, Instagram and more.
  • Special basket to work with any system
    Lumise provides a separate car system where you can add and edit an item, then your cms takes other steps at the checkout.
  • Undo / Redo
    Working on the application looks like an application on the desktop is the perfect spot to attract your customers. With Lumise, you can redo / undo all actions after design.

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How to Download?

Download “LUMISE.COM ” now from the download button given below.

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