Scalability Pro v4.61 – large WordPress site optimization plugin


Scalability Pro v4.61 – large WordPress site optimization plugin

Scalability Pro v4.61 – Scalability Pro Plugin is the basic WP Intensive plugin to transform the speed and scalability of your WordPress site. It does this primarily by removing table scans and using index searches instead.

A highly scalable site will not slow down as your site grows. Without Scalability Pro, you will likely see performance drop on your website after exceeding 5000 products, orders, or users. Caching can help, but what you really need is to make sure your website is scaled, no matter how big your website is. A scalable website is detectablely fast in creating a web page, as in 10,000 when there are 1,000,000 users.

How does it work:

  • WP_Query increases lightning speed (0.20 seconds not cached – more than 180,000 products / stores / pages in 180 seconds)
  • It works by optimizing your basic database and queries and eliminating table scans
  • Offers options to change or remove slow WooCommerce and WordPress features
  • Perfectly completes cache systems
  • SLOW accelerates queries – Install the Query Monitor plugin and view your slowest pages, if you see slow queries being reported, Scalability Pro will help. If you see thousands of queries instead, there is a separate solution for this type of performance issue.

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  • Add indexes to your key WordPress tables to help optimize basic SQL queries
  • Prevents table scans by modifying database queries to make them more efficient
  • Offers slow WordPress / WooCommerce / Import functionality disable, change or micro cache options
  • If Scalability Pro has been implemented and there are still table scans, we will fix them.

How to Download?

Download “ Scalability Pro ” now from the download button given below.

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