School Management v6.1 – WordPress School Management


School Management v6.1 – WordPress School Management

School Management v6.1 – School Management is a WordPress plugin to manage multiple schools and classes, departments, students, exams, ID cards, entrance cards, teachers, staff, fees, bills, income, expense, toys, study materials and much more.

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Detailed School Management Features:

Multi-School Management: – Add multiple schools, assign administrators and classes to each school to manage individual schools.

Session Management: – Create a new session and keep all records of previous sessions.

Managing Classes and Departments: – Administrators can create classes and assign them to schools. Each class can have multiple class sections.

Student Management: – School administrators and staff with the necessary permissions can enter the school by assigning an acceptance number, class, department and roll number. In addition, a new registration number is automatically generated for each student registration in a session.

Inquiries Management: – View the application form for a school on a page using a shortcode. Also, take school-based questions, add notes for the next follow-up date and query.

Student Introduction: – Introduce students to a new class for a new session. This creates a new student enrollment for the next session.

Student Transfer: – Transfer the student from one school to another. This also follows the students who are transferred to and from the school.

Student Attendance: – Get daily attendance of students. Print the attendance sheet of a class. In addition, students can view attendance reports on the control panel.

Student Dashboard: – Students can submit their fee reports, login information, ID cards, etc. They pay the images and the remaining fees using the appropriate payment method.

Roles and Permissions: – Create special roles such as teacher, accountant and assign the necessary permissions according to the roles, so they are limited to the management of the school assets assigned to them.

Assign School Administrators and Staff: – Multi-School administrators appoint a school administrator. The school administrator can create any number of staff to manage the school.

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Noticeboard Widget: – There is a toys widget that displays notifications in the widget section of your website. Here you can change the number of notifications, the height and width of the widget to include the design of your website.

Distribute Study Materials: – School staff can add study materials with the necessary permissions. These study materials appear in the student dashboard section, allowing them to download and view study materials.

Students Housework: – School staff and teachers with the necessary permissions can add Housework lessons. This Home Affairs will appear in the student board section and students will receive notification about SMS, Home Affairs SMS details can be sent to Parents and students Mobile

Automatic Notifications via Email, SMS and Special Templates: – New login, create fee invoice, create payment receipt, etc. Send students SMS and email notifications in time. and more.

Exam Management: – Create exams for single class or multiple classes, add exam papers, exam center, schedules, date and room number.


How to Download?

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