Tokoo v1.1.7 – WooCommerce online store template


Tokoo v1.1.7 – WooCommerce online store template

Tokoo v1.1.7 – In the world of multipurpose themes with more features than necessary and trying to be like a Swiss Army Knife, Tokoo – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme is a chef’s knife. It is designed for one purpose only, to help you build your eCommerce website that looks like one of the best eCommerce websites. We have surpassed the latest trends in new e-commerce websites such as smaller fonts, simpler titles, cleaner payment, better navigation and less white space.

We used our experience to create some of the most popular electronic store themes, such as Electro – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme and Techmarket – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme, to create Tokoo.

Tokoo Features

5 Different Homepage with 17 different blocks
We have added 5 different homepage templates and 17 blocks to choose from. Our homepages are designed to show more products in different arranged blocks. Master pages can also be customized through custom code or page builders, which you can create 17 blocks differently to create unique master pages.

4 Different Heading Styles and separate mobile Headers
We created Tokoo with 4 different title styles and 1 mobile title. Our titles are designed to give your website a premium look. Titles include your website navigation, branding, important icons, and quick modifiers. The mobile header applies only to the mobile view and removes all other sets for mobile users.

Website Speed
A theme plays a very small role in determining the speed of a website. You can get fast loading time with plugins like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache. This is because our homepages are lean and less time-consuming to create.

Compatible with Elementor and King Composer

Elementor and King Composer are the most popular page builders for WordPress. Our theme is compatible with both of these page creators. You can use these plugins to customize other static pages as well as master pages to a very high level, limited only by imagination.

6 Pre-defined colors or choose your own
Tokoo – WooCommerce Theme for Affiliates, Dropship and Multi-Reseller Websites – 13Tokoo comes with 6 predefined primary colors to choose from. If your brand uses a different color than the predefined ones, you can easily choose your own colr through the color picker to match the website with your brand colors.

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Search assisted Algolia
Tokoo – WooCommerce Theme for Electronics Store Affiliates, Dropship and Multi-seller Websites – 14Search is an essential part of e-Commerce websites. WordPress and WooCommerce provide basic searches that search only with titles and descriptions. Algolia is one of the most popular and powerful search engines. It is seamlessly compatible with our theme, which allows you to make our site very powerful.

Megamenus – Horizontal and Vertical
Tokoo – WooCommerce Theme for Electronics Store, Affiliates, Dropship and Multi-Seller Websites – 15Tokoo – WooCommerce Theme for Electronics Store, Affiliates, Dropship and Multi-Distributor Websites – 16 We have added a vertical and horizontal megamenus. Our dummy content follows the megamenu style of the most popular eCommerce websites. You can use them as a starting point to create your own stylish megamenu.


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