WP Content Pilot Pro v1.1.3 – WordPress Autoblog and Affiliate Marketing Plugin


WP Content Pilot Pro v1.1.3 – WordPress Autoblog and Affiliate Marketing Plugin

WP Content Pilot Pro v1.1.3 – WP Content Pilot is the best auto blogging and content enhancement plugin. It supports more than 20 unique campaign types, including leading affiliate platforms.

Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, ClickBank, Envato, eBay, etc. The best and leading affiliate programs such as are bundled together, so WP Content Pilot PRO will work as one-stop solution for automated affiliate earnings.

Our most requested and favorite platforms, including leading affiliate program platforms, are supported by WP Content Pilot PRO. Bring and publish as regular WordPress posts with many options to fully control the content and earn commissions.

WP Content Pilot Pro Features
Breakdown of the details to make all the features we offer together with WP Content Content Pilot suitable for various usage situations!

Automatic Post Translation
WP Content Pilot can translate the article and publish it on your site. The language of the source article is not an obstacle for you, because you can publish it in the most popular languages, including the language of your choice.

Private Post Meta
WP Content Pilot Pro comes with custom post meta support. You can use as many commodities as you want. The meta value can be set from the template tags of the campaign type or any value you want.

Special Post Categories
While creating a campaign, you can add new categories and assign categories below. When will the post be published WP Content Pilot will automatically add these categories.

Custom Writing Tags
Like categories, you can add new tags and assign them to posts when creating a campaign. When will the post be published WP Content Pilot will automatically add these tags.

Limit the Title Title length
Limit the title to as many words as you want. Just enter a number, WP Content Pilot will automatically adjust the title to this length.

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Limit the length of the Post Content
You can also limit the content to the number of words you prefer. Set a number of words to enjoy custom content length. WP Content Pilot automatically cuts off the rest of the content, except for the number of preset words.

Setting the Minimum Article Length
Another extraordinary feature to restrict broadcasts without the desired length. WP Content Pilot PRO does not broadcast any publications below the preset minimum font length (Word count).

Get Articles With Selected Words Only
Post only with your favorite words. A post must contain the necessary words, otherwise WP Content Pilot PRO will reject them.

Set Banned Words
Filter posts with unwanted words with the banned words feature. Set prohibited words, WP Content Pilot will handle it for you by rejecting the rest.



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