WP Coupons and Deals (Premium) v3.0.3 NULLED


WP Coupons and Deals (Premium) v3.0.3 NULLED

WP Coupons and Deals (Premium) v3.0.3 NULLED –  Best WordPress Coupon Plugin for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers. Earn More Money with Coupons and Deals.
WP Coupons And Deals Plugin is designed to make sure you get Affiliate Sales Coupons And Deals.

Easy and Powerful WordPress Coupon Plugin
WP Coupons and Deals is the best WordPress Coupon Plugin. Features that make WP Coupons and Deals the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Coupon Plugin are below.

  • Click to copy
    Users can copy the coupon code with a single click. How cool is it?
  • Coupon Templates
    Choose from seven different template styles for your coupons.
  • Image Coupons
    Add printable image coupons that can be printed and used offline.
  • Expiry Countdown
    Create urgency with coupon expiration countdown. Get users to act.
  • Social Sharing Buttons
    Add social sharing buttons to your coupons, let users spread the love.

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  • Hide Coupon Code
    Users need to open your affiliate link to see the coupon code.
  • Import Coupons
    Import Bulk Coupons from CSV files in minutes. Save time.
  • Live Preview
    Watch as you create the coupon so you know what you’re doing.
  • Hide Expired Coupons
    Don’t want to update expired coupons? No problem, just hide them.
  • Voting Buttons
    Let your users vote if a coupon works for them.

Users Love WP Coupons and Deals

With over 2000 Active users, WP Coupons and Deals is the perfect solution for you. Why bloggers, affiliate marketers and developers love WP Coupons and Deals and that’s what you will do!

Multiple Coupon Templates and Designs to choose from
WP Coupons and Deals come with seven different templates to choose from for your coupons. Each template has its own unique design and featured images, functions such as countdown expiration, multiple coupon codes.

All the Fields and Features You Need
WP Coupons and Deals comes with all the necessary fields you need to add a coupon and all the fields integrate all of the beautiful seven templates. You can easily add coupons to posts / pages with the built-in shortcode inserter.

Ease of Customizing and Adapting Everything to Your Needs
WP Coupons and Deals come with tons of settings and options that you can check and change. From design settings to coupon settings, voting settings, hide coupon settings, pop-up settings – you have everything you need to tailor it to your needs. You even have extras!



How to Download?

Download “WP Coupons and Deals (Premium) ” now from the download button given below.

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