WP File Download v4.7.15 – plugin for WordPress file manager


WP File Download v4.7.15 – plugin for WordPress file manager

WP File Download v4.7.15 – WP File Download, File Manager WordPress Plugin .Get the easiest yet most powerful WordPress file manager. Create a file category, drag and drop your files, and add a file category or a single file directly to your content. WP File Download provides full text search engine and full professional features like Google Drive, Dropbox, two-way file

File Manager Themes: Including 4 Themes

Four themes are included in the plugin, but only themes are not available! It changes the way you present your files to your users. Themes included are standard list, Google Drive-like, Table and Accordion tree. The system is also extremely flexible because you can apply a theme for each category of files or even create your own.

Download WP File WordPress File Manager

We mean – – the file manager really. It’s basically like managing files in your desktop file browser. For example, you can change the order and levels of file categories with drag’n drop and order files. And everything is recorded instantly with AJAX. Add new file? Just drag and drop one or more files.

Want to move or duplicate files? a piece of cake. Drag files or copy, cut and paste one or more files at the same time using the buttons.

Limit File Download Access, File Visibility, and File Management

When managing files, you must always set up file access for users, and doing this is always complicated. We added smart tools to WP File Download to manage file visibility and file management actions. Identify who is allowed to download or update files, delete a file, edit only their own files and more. Also, it is possible to restrict access to a file or category of files only to some WordPress users.

File Manager for WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WP File Download is fully integrated with WordPress Gutenberg editor. There are 2 special Gutenberg blocks to upload your WordPress files and file categories (including cloud files and categories in Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive) in the file manager plugin.

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Design for Your WordPress Theme

Often when you add a plugin to your WordPress website, it is a challenging process to implement a design that fits your WordPress theme. With WP File Download, it will no longer be so. With the color picker, you can apply your colors and display or hide the desired file information.



How to Download?

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