WP Guard v1.4 – WordPress Security, Firewall, and Anti-Spam Plugin


WP Guard v1.4 – WordPress Security, Firewall, and Anti-Spam Plugin

WP Guard v1.4 – WP Guard is a powerful WordPress security plugin that will protect your website from hackers, attacks and other threats. It will protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injections), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, VPN Visitors, TOR Visitors, Spam, Malicious Files (Viruses) and many other types of threats.

WP Guard uses a smart algorithm (similar to those used by large industry companies) and automatically takes action to detect all known hacker attacks and new unknown threats using code recognition and patterns.

WP Guard is directly integrated with WordPress, can view all logs in Admin Panel, and also Visitors (IP Addresses), Countries, IP Ranges, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Browsers, Operating Systems (OS) and Referrers. WP Guard has many features and settings. With its help, the security of your website can be easily managed.

WP Guard is a powerful Web Application Firewall designed to protect WordPress. It allows any website administrator to take advantage of very advanced and powerful security features. It requires very fast, optimized and very low system resources.

Key Features:

  • SQLi Protection
    Protection from SQL Injections (SQLi) and XSS Vulnerabilities (Cross Site Script).
  • Proxy Protection
    Protection from proxy, VPN and TOR Visitors or so-called individuals hiding behind proxies.
  • Spam Protection
    Protection against Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to send spam to your website.
  • DNSBL Integration
    Integration with the best Spam Databases (DNSBL) to protect your website from Bad Visitors.
  • AdBlocker Detection
    Detects and blocks visitors who use AdBlockers to hide ads on the website.
  • Intelligent Pattern Recognition
    Detects Unknown and Zero Day Attacks and Abuses.
  • Industrial Power Algorithms
    Detects known Hacker Attacks.
  • Prohibition System
    Helps you block and route Visitors / Users (IP Addresses), Countries, IP Ranges, Operating Systems, Browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Routers.
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  • Protection of Bad Bots and Browsers
    It blocks many Bad Bot and Browser that will waste your website bandwidth.
  • Fake Bot Protection
    Verify the search engine bots that visit your website, whether they are real or fake search engines.
  • Headers Control
    Response headers of each visitor will be checked and access to the website will be denied if there are suspicious objects.
  • Auto Prohibit
    Function to automatically block attackers and threats such as Bad Bots, Browsers and others.
  • Threat Logs
    Every threat and attack is recorded in the database, so you can view it later. (No copy)
  • Detailed Diaries
    Logs contain a lot of information about Threat / Attack such as Browser, Operating System, Country, State, City, User Agent, Location on Map and other useful information.


How to Download?

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