WP Sheet Editor – EDD Downloads Pro v1.0.26


WP Sheet Editor – EDD Downloads Pro v1.0.26

WP Sheet Editor – EDD Downloads Pro v1.0.26 –Β  Creating a large number of EDD products is very difficult πŸ™‚

You can create each download one by one, file details, prices, etc. You need to enter and repeat.

Search is very limited. Include downloads in filename, prices, package, etc. You can’t do this if you want to find by. In the end, you open a lot of pages, click a lot, lose a lot of time.

Use cases:

Advanced search for Downloads
You can search by multiple fields and using multiple conditions.

  • For example, find all downloads from category Music that cost> $ 50.
  • Find files by bundle, find bundles by pricing, etc.
  • Find all downloads that are missing images
  • Find downloads by date, etc.

Edit thousands of EDD products at once

We have a formulas engine that lets you update a lot of products quickly.

  • You can do powerful updates.
  • You can replace values ​​in ANY field = Replace prices, words in descriptions, categories, images, file names, etc.
  • You can do math operations = Increase download prices by 20%, Decrease amounts by $ 10, etc.
    And more.

Create EDD Products in Bulk

  • You can create downloads quickly in multiple ways:
  • You can write the download info in the sheet quickly.
  • You can copy paste info from Excel
  • You can copy paste download tables from other websites.
  • You can use our autofill tool to copy information to multiple products at once.

View all the information in a single place

  • You can view all the download fields in the spreadsheet, you can view everything in a single page.
  • You can edit all the fields too, including files, variable pricing, bundle products, required prices for files and bundles, categories, tags, and more.

See Also: Reactive Search Pro

It shows custom fields added by other plugins automatically, no setup needed.



How to Download?

Download β€œ WP Sheet Editor” now from the download button given below.

Note: If you have any problem while downloading, kindly disable Adblock for this site.
Still, facing any issue? feel free to contact us.

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