YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Premium v2.6.3


YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Premium v2.6.3

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Premium v2.6.3 –  Customize YITH WooCommerce My Account Page Premium allows you to customize the layout of the My Account page. It is well known: a useful site is a site that allows users to easily and quickly navigate and interact.

But users find the navigation on our site annoying and frustrating by managing all these endless menus to find important information such as wish lists, important guides, even invoices and downloads. The most obvious thing to do is to list the most important information on the page so that users can work more comfortably. It’s a shame that this is impossible in any store.

Increase your users’ satisfaction immediately by sorting all important information wisely.
The best place is the My Account page on WooCommerce. Take complete control over what your users see or download and encourage information to make their next purchase.

My YITH WooCommerce Account Settings Page gives you full control over my WooCommerce account page. You can add and process the most relevant information freely by sorting using tabs or menus. Adding and deleting episodes is a children’s game.


  • 2 styles: sidebar or tab
  • Customize the color scheme
  • Users can change their avatar to a custom picture
  • Add Google reCaptcha (v2) to sign up for my account new
  • Add an email address verification to finish creating the account new
  • Block certain email domains so they cannot create an account New
  • Freely sort the available endpoints of the “My Account” page
  • Edit the following information for any endpoint:
  • name (shown on URL)
  • tag (shown in the general list of endpoints)
  • icon

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  • content of the section
  • Edit or delete standard endpoints of WooCommerce
  • Create all the endpoints you want
  • Possibility to create endpoint groups
  • Sort group children by drag and drop
  • Show endpoint only to specific user roles on the site
  • Temporarily disable an endpoint
  • Compatible with Polylang plugin
  • Compatible with Elementor 2.2.4
  • Compatible with WSDesk – WordPress Help Desk Plugin New
  • Add custom links to my account page


How to Download?

Download “ Customize My Account Page Premium” now from the download button given below.

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