YITH WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Popup v1.2.11


YITH WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Popup v1.2.11

YITH WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Popup v1.2.11 –  Add the link on the checkout page to show the conditions in a permanent window.

The terms and conditions are an essential part of every website because they have great benefits for both users and administrators in terms of responsibility and security. Placing it in a popup reduces the chances of users leaving the page.

Placing the Terms and Conditions on your website is one of the best steps the website owner can take, especially since it can protect e-commerce from potential legal disputes.

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However, adding Terms and Conditions to the checkout page is fraught with high risk, as this can cause customers to leave the page and cancel the transaction. Terms of Use YITH WooCommerce Popup allows you to view such legal information in a permanent window, thereby speeding up and simplifying consultations and also providing the best service for your customers without compromising the transaction itself.

  • Decide to show the Terms and Conditions in a popup
  • Choose pop-up size, style, and input animation effect
  • Add the “I agree” button at the bottom of the popup
  • Force users to scroll the entire window before accepting the Terms and Conditions
  • Show an additional checkbox for the Privacy Policy
  • Manage Terms and Privacy checkboxes individually or individually
  • Decide to view the Terms and Privacy checkboxes and decide to print them as pre-marked or unprinted
  • Select pages related to “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”
  • Change the location of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy checkboxes on the checkout page


How to Download?

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