YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium v1.2.16


YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium v1.2.16

YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium v1.2.16 –  Allow your customers to purchase special products by adding and downloading files during the purchase process.

The freedom to configure your orders is an advantage that guarantees users something that nobody else has. Using YITH WooCommerce downloads, let them upload pictures, text documents or other files and meet the needs of you and your customers!

The purpose of this plugin is simple: to help you manage your e-commerce site. Regardless of whether you offer the freedom to customize the t-shirts you sell with an image or text, or if you need custom signed documents, or maybe you want to allow users to upload a specific file for orders related to settings, YITH WooCommerce Downloads is what you need.

Think about how inconvenient it would be to receive all these files by email: this will easily lead to chaos and you may lose all the investments of your customers who will not be happy to buy a T-shirt with an image print. someone else’s.

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Fortunately, YITH WooCommerce Downloads solves this problem and allows you to upload any files, leaving no room for confusion by arranging orders and related attachments!

  • Upload one file for each order
  • Upload a file from the shopping cart page or “My Account” page depending on the order status
  • Set maximum size for attached file
  • Choose accepted extensions
  • Accept or reject users’ attached files
  • Send a notification email after file is accepted or rejected
  • Users and administrators can add notes to attached files
  • Users can remove attached files depending on the order status
  • Set the size and quality of the thumbnail / preview of attached files
  • Customize the recording path of files
  • Set how many attachments can be loaded for each product
  • Disable file upload on select store products
  • You can create custom installation rules for a single product and its variations


How to Download?

Download “Uploads Premium ” now from the download button given below.

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